The ISC-CN Buddy Program is designed to ensure that every student is comfortable in the new environment. With their Buddies, students can make a lifelong friendship, learn about student life and local culture in China.


  1. Native Chinese speaker who can speak Mandarin fluently. 
  2. Can translate for non-Chinese speakers. 
  3. Have experience of living in China. 
  4. Good photographers. 
  5. Out-going, responsible, and reliable.


  1. Help assigned international/domestic students get adjusted to the new environment. (Lead the campus tour for the assigned group of international/domestic students on orientation, make friend withs them, take them to the restaurant for the first couple of days, show them around the city if requested, and translate for them.)
  2. Be group leader of assigned group of international/domestic students during each weekend tour, be the photographer and hand in selected pictures for ISC website. 
  3. Keep an eye on where the assigned students are for the safety purpose. 
  4. Work at “Textbook renting room” for assigned hour every week.


  1. Discounted Tuition and Housing rate.
  2. Free Weekend Tours. 
  3. Make lifelong friendships.