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Rules & Regulations

    1. All students living in dorm should abide by the dormitory regulations and security rules stipulated by Xiamen University.

    2. Please keep the building clean. Don't draw or write or put notices on the wall; never throw beer bottles, fruit skins, etc. out of windows or in public places.

    3. Please live in the room you are assigned to instead of exchanging rooms or even seizing the room without permission from the administration staff. Don't keep your friends stay over night in your dormitory. If it is necessary, please go to the reception desk for certain check-in procedures. Those violators shall be punished according to Public Security Administration Regulation.

    4. Please keep the dormitory quiet. Don't turn your TV or music too loud to keep them from disturbing others. Please apply to Overseas Students Office for permission for any kind of party during the holiday and the parties should be held in assigned places and ended before 11:00pm.

    5. Obey the university routine. Those out of university should be back by 1:00am.

    6. Drinking, fighting, barbecuing, keeping pets, and playing firework are forbidden in dormitory room. Ball games or those sports that might break public facilities or disturb others are also forbidden inside the dormitory building or on the grass outside the building.

    7. Lock the door when leaving the room. Keep large amounts of money in the bank and valuable things in the safe of the reception desk after application or keep them in other safe places. In case of losing things, ISC should not be held responsible.

    8. Electric appliances with high power consumption are not allowed in dormitory, which shall be forfeited once being found. Pay attention when using electricity or you shall be responsible once electric accidents happen because of your carelessness. Don't pile your things up, especially flammable things in the corridor.

    9. Please protect public facilities. Please inform the administration staff when checking out, who will help you with the check-out procedures and examine things in the room that belong to OSSC. Anything lost or broken shall be charged to your account.

    10. Please don't change locks of the room, or you shall be responsible for any fire or other security problems.

    11. It is impossible to examine everything guests bring, so ISC is not reliable for any security problem except some with apparent broken signs on the spot, but is responsible for helping relative sections in handling the trouble.

    12. ISC reserves the right to refuse the violators' request to live on in dorm and they should be responsible for their conducts.